League Membership

PIVA League Membership Benefits:

  • Priority Registration – Members get first priority to play in PIVA tournaments that have limited entry
  • Reduced Tournament Fees – Members only pay $150-175/tournament (reduced fee for 2nd team). Non-members must pay $200 – 250/tournament
  • NCVF Membership paid by PIVA – If you are planning on attending NCVF Nationals in April 2018, we will cover your national membership fee.
  • Championship Grand Prize Eligibility – PIVA teams will compete for the grand prize of a berth ($1000) to nationals, with registration fee fully paid for by PIVA.

PIVA League Membership Costs:

  • $250 for the 1st team
  • $150 for additional teams

PIVA League Requirements:

All players must be currently attending a college or university.

All players are required to be USAV members for all PIVA tournaments.

To sign up for your $15 USAV membership in your region:
1) Figure out which region you belong to here
2) Then,

PIVA League Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/xSi6X01iIgtaok3L2 


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